The School Program

Our School Team

Our school team consists of 3 Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board teachers and a Program Liaison. Together they work toward ensuring our young moms achieve as many credits as possible, while continuing to build on their parenting skills, manage their finances, connect with community supports like Public Health, and more! Our school provides compulsories and electives, and can help connect you with ways of getting your volunteer hours. Our teachers also have a background in Special Education, and are ready to support our students in whatever way they can. We also do our best to make learning fun with crafts, school trips and more! Our school program can take students up to 21 years of age. 

Graduation & Year End Celebration

Every year we're excited to celebrate our graduates along with every single one of our students! We invite family, friends and community agency members to share in this wonderful event. Our grads wear caps, gowns and stoles to celebrate their big achievement, and we also celebrate the achievements of our non-grads because they work hard too and deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments no matter how big or small. Please see our photo gallery for some beautiful pictures of our celebrations.